Many people, even those who plan well for life, do very little planning for death.  Lacking such planning, the occasion of death can be a time of hardship and complication for those who mean the most to us.

Pre-Need planning is both a loving and financially sound decision.  Pre-Need planning helps your loved ones to understand your wishes and will spare your family members of the burden from having to make hard decisions during a very emotional and stressful time.

Pre-Need planning for a burial place in advance is very advisable.  By purchasing your place of burial beforehand, you will lower the cost of burial expenses because your choices can be made in an unhurried atmosphere at today's prices and you will eliminate much of the emotional stress that a death can bring upon family and friends.  It will also assure that your final wishes will be followed and will relieve your family members from shouldering the burden of having to plan during a stressful period.

Imagine the peace-of-mind and sense of security you will gain from knowing that "it has all been taken care of."

Valley View Memorial Park offers a choice selection of both monumented and flat marker lots from which to choose.

A Perpetual Care Plan is included in the purchase price of all burial spaces. All burial spaces are maintained under the Perpetual Care Plan. The plan provides the assurance of permanent reverence and respect for the deceased.

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