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1.  What does In-ground or traditional burial consist of?
In-ground or traditional burial consists of cemetery property (burial space), a vault (concrete enclosure which is sealed), a casket, opening and closing of the gravesite, and a memorial.

2.  What is a burial vault and why am I required to have one?
A burial vault is a reinforced concrete enclosure with a butyl rubber sealant which will act as an undergound burial chamber for a casket.  The vault will stop the land above the casket from cave-ins and protect both the casket and the body for hundreds of years to come.  It is required by law that all caskets be placed in burial vault. 

3.  What type of memorials are allowed?
Valley View Memorial Park consists of two different sections.  In the monument section both upright and flat memorials are permissible.  The flat memorials may be either granite or bronze.  In the Memorial Park sections of Valley View, only flat bronze memorials mounted on granite are permissible.

4.  What type of services are offered by Valley View Memorial Park?
Valley View Memorial Park offers single and family burial spaces, traditional full size burial vaults and cremation vaults, upright monuments and both granite and bronze grass memorials.  We also offer lettering for final year date inscriptions. 

5.  What type of decorations are allowed at Valley View Memorial Park?
Valley View Memorial Park has regulations on the placement of floral decorations at the gravesites. These restrictions have sometimes resulted in such situations where families place an improper or a hazardous style floral containers.  It is important to remember that the cemetery does not permit glass, ceramic, and pin-style floral containers. These items can easily break and or create a hazardous condition for both cemetery worker and visitors.We understand that families want to place floral tributes for the deceased but it is important to maintain a safe and hazard free environment.

The cemetery continues to permit planting in the specified areas in accordance with the established cemetery planting and decorating regulations and past practices.

Flowers and all grave decorations will be picked up periodically by cemetery personnel.

All memorials, flower containers, burial containers, decorations and other private property is placed on the burial space at the lot holder’s risk with no liability to the cemetery. The lot holder is responsible that all memorial work be properly installed and maintained.

The Cemetery reserves the right to remove and discard any excess for the overall maintenance, appearance, and safety of the Cemetery.

6.  What is Perpetual Care Fund?
Valley View Memorial Park earns income from the sales of lots, vaults, and memorials.  It also earns income from the opening and closing of burial spaces and the earned income for the Perpetual Care Fund on each space sold.  The Perpetual Care Fund is held in trust in which each person who owns property at Valley View Memorial Park has contributed a sum and whose interest is to be used for the perpetual care of the lot and the cemetery itself. The fund principal is to be kept invested and is used for no other purpose but to generate operating cash to maintain the cemetery for generations to come.

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